Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week 9: Washing the Car

Ok, for this past 9 weeks. The car gathered alot of dirt and hazardous gump. So I decided to washed/waxed the car. Afterward I also purchased a headlight cleaning kit to bring the headlights back to life. In the next few weeks I am planning on also repairing the rims. (Is the car design...)

pictures to come..

Week 8: Testing Software

Week 8:

After all the hardware and component installed is time to test out the software part of the installation. I have already ahead of time installed the interface (centrafuse) but havent tested any of the hardware, tuners, gps, wifi, centrafuse...etc

pictures to come

Week 7: Putting it back.

Week 7:

This week with all the testing and wiring completed I decided to put all the custom fab items back into the car. This includes the computer, inverter, LCD....

Week 6: Testing

Testing all the connections multiple times to make sure everything works.

Tip: Learn how-to used a multimeter..

Pictures to come..

Week 5: Wiring the Computer wires

Week 5:

This week all my wires which I needed has arrived and is time to wired all the computer wires together.

Tip: Remember buy a USB hub. Buy more cable length.

Pictures to come...

Week 2-4: Custom Fabrications

Week 2-4:

After the car taken apart I began with the custom fabrications. I begin with the LCD unit and without any kind of knowledge which I should have researched for the LCD. The LCD unit I purchased didnt fit the aftermarket OEM in-dash bezel I purchased so I have to fabricate the bezel onto the LCD unit itself. This long process took over few weeks to perfect. First it comes to drilling and using the dremel to cut away some ABS then fitting the LCD unit into the OEM bezel. Afterwards fitting the gaps then sanding, more sanding. After it smooths out comes to few layers of primer, sanding primer again (Wait few days for it to cured) then comes on painting, painting.....more painting. I think i sand and painted about 12+ coats in between two weeks time because of imperfection.

Waiting for the LCD unit to dry I also made a custom Laptop housing to house the laptop with many vents for air flow. While making the laptop I decided to take-apart the laptop so that I can solder the on/off switch wires.

Waiting some more I moved onto the inverter and wire some wires also for the on/off switch to allowed the iginition to turned it on using a relay+rocker switch.

Waiting some more I also managed to make a custom cigarette socket USB adapter for any USB devices.

Pictures to come..

Week 1: Car Take Apart and Planning Phrase

Week 1:

This probably can be done sooner because I have school and other things to do..

First thing to-do was to removed both door sills working upto the lower dash (steering wheel column) removing the panels. Then it comes to the center piece "cup holder" back upto the radio unit. After those are removed I opened the engine bay to fine a unused grommet between the firewall to put my power wire throught it. Afterwards I begin to take apart the rear seats to continue wiring.


Pictures to come

Hardware/Software List

Hardware List:
400w power Inverter + Custom on/off wires
Laptop Computer w/ Custom Built Housing
Custom Usb Cigarette Adapter
Lilliput Eby701 + Custom OEM integration
Logitech Dinovo Mini

Misc Parts:
Heat Shrink
Solder Iron
Electric Tape
Dremel Tool
14Ga Wires

Software List:
Garmin GPS Mobile Navigation
XP Embedded or XP Lite is fine

Griffin Powermate
Dreamgear mini "PS2" Console USB Keyboard
Madcatz PS3 Wireless Keyboard
Holux M-1200 GPS receiver or Garmin GPS
SiRf III GPS Receiver
XOByte Startup/Shutdown
TV Tuner
USB Touchpad (notebook style)
Reverse Camera Kit
CarPC Joycon
Globalstat BU-353
A/V Switcher
Pie X3 Aux

Acura Car PC Project

This project started about 2 months ago. Having been a member at for a long time I gave it a try.