Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week 9: Washing the Car

Ok, for this past 9 weeks. The car gathered alot of dirt and hazardous gump. So I decided to washed/waxed the car. Afterward I also purchased a headlight cleaning kit to bring the headlights back to life. In the next few weeks I am planning on also repairing the rims. (Is the car design...)

pictures to come..

Week 8: Testing Software

Week 8:

After all the hardware and component installed is time to test out the software part of the installation. I have already ahead of time installed the interface (centrafuse) but havent tested any of the hardware, tuners, gps, wifi, centrafuse...etc

pictures to come

Week 7: Putting it back.

Week 7:

This week with all the testing and wiring completed I decided to put all the custom fab items back into the car. This includes the computer, inverter, LCD....

Week 6: Testing

Testing all the connections multiple times to make sure everything works.

Tip: Learn how-to used a multimeter..

Pictures to come..

Week 5: Wiring the Computer wires

Week 5:

This week all my wires which I needed has arrived and is time to wired all the computer wires together.

Tip: Remember buy a USB hub. Buy more cable length.

Pictures to come...